Friday Night Delights

Here are some more images of the “Friday Night Delights” event at Bailey Banks and Biddle in Houston, with the beauties of the Executive Mom’s Society.  This is a group that promotes diagonal networking among women from diverse disciplines who aspire to progress professionally and still be good moms.  The focus is on making business connections and long lasting friendships.  Laura spoke to them about starting her career in Sales and Marketing at IBM, and transitioning into owning her own business.  What a fun group!

Laura is available to offer similar events for your professional organization.

Photos by: Heidi Steinhagen –

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2 thoughts on “Friday Night Delights

  1. Lisa Pittman says:

    What a fantastic event! We really enjoyed it and were inspired by Laura’s story and her gorgeous jewelry!
    –Lisa Pittman, President, Executive Moms Society

  2. LG Blogger says:

    I am not sure who enjoyed it more. It has been a very long time, actually 26 years, since I left IBM. But the memories are so strong and it was such a great time in my life. It meant a great deal to me to talk to a group of professional women who were as interested in my previous business career as they were in my career as an artist. I REALLY had fun so my thanks to the EMS. I hope we meet again. I will be back in October! My best to each of you.

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